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Become a Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Distributor

Become a Laundry Detergent Fundraiser Distributor - Resell our products to schools, pto, boosters, churches, non profit, teams suck as basketball, soccer, football, hockey, cheer leading, marching band, clubs, cancer, and more.

As a laundry detergent fundraiser & fundraising distributor you can resell to the mass amount of groups listed above.

How it works: Lets think about it. There are an estimated 100,000 public schools listed alone in the USA not counting private, churches, recreational program to get your kids involved or other groups that need to raise funds like cancer. In each school as at least 5 groups that fund fundraisers all year long. Example: High school band, cheer leading, baseball, basketball, volleyball. So now we can multiply 100,000 x 5 giving us access to 500,000 groups that run fundraising campaigns. And this is not included the private schools, colleges, churches, fire departments, cancer, etc.

If you combined all the Walmarts, Targets, Sams clubs, Coscos, jewels, etc. you will still be far short then 500,000 network.

packaging these in 5 gallon pails provides something we call channel marketing. You have a product not offered in major retail outlets so yes if the customer like to buy in bulk, twice as much for half the price they will and continue to buy from you as long as you have the products available. They save 100% savings at the same token you can resell our products for $30.000 and make up to a $15.00 profit. Then the school resells your / our products for $45.00 and they make a $15.00 profit. At the same token the customer pays or saves 100% buying from the school or organization. Example to buy 672 oz of high quality products they would have to buy 5 of the biggest containers at the retail outlet and spend about $90 to $100 with taxes from the school they get it for have the price.

In a nutshell

your profit as a re-seller would be $10 to $15.00 per container the profit for the school will be $15.00 to $20.00.

Royel Corp WET is a leading manufacturer and all product come with 100% warranty, insured and satisfaction Guaranteed. 90% discount shipping rate, ability to ship anywhere in the USA super cheap. We stock over 50,000 units at a time that means all we need to do is put your order together and ship it out. We can handle as many accounts as needed for you.

Are brands are top leading national brand, store brand, private label brand blends.

True Facts: Royel Corp WET created the laundry detergent fundraiser foundation about 12 years ago, most of the laundry detergent fundraiser distributors you see online we trained them. They were just like you called and asked and we showed them the ropes.

Contact us today and become a laundry detergent fundraiser re-seller / distributor today.

Again we are the manufacture not a distributor. What you get faster turn around time, 90% discount shipping rates, ship anywhere in the USA. High quality blend brand name products. Made in the USA. High solids counts, Warranty, insured, satisfaction Guaranteed products.

Note: There are other products packaged in 5 gallon pails that do not come from us and They are low solid count products we do not do that here. Royel Corp WET quality is very important to us.

Example: As a Chemical Lab engineer, Testing facility we have tested over 50 different samples. Most are generic blends with about 7% solids which are 3 times weaker then Tide, Gain, Wisk, Alondra, Rhea brands.  Some are diluted with water. Some are build with cheap graded raw materials.

About us. Royel Corp WET is a leader in private label, custom blends, specialty chemicals. We work with thousands of distributors ranging in packaging, private label, custom blends, specialty chemicals. We are the go to chemical engineer lab. We design and build, test, patent, new cleaning chemicals for the future. We do this for big packaging company that would like to invent an idea and produce it in high volume but be covered 100% and resell to the mass markets.

Now back to the fund raiser aspect:

You don't need to convince a program to do a fundraiser they are already doing it looking for new ways to raise funds all you need to do is contact them and offer your services and explain the process. Pretty cool right?

Remember there are two sides to a coin: On one hand you have a company leading manufacture that spent 10 years criticizing there formulation that our priority job vs. you buy from someone you don't trust or know, or who cannot offer insured, warrantied products or trusted at a major retail private labeling level. Be smart, safe, sell strong brands vs generic blends the customer will be disappointed in. All detergent is not the same, remember our customer at the end have used other top leading national brands, or have access to switch back if needed.

Contact us to get started 773-590-0722 or shoot us an email: royeldealtimeinc@att.net

Products as low as: $14.95 per 5 gallon pail of Alondra, Rhea Detergent!

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