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Laundry Detergent Soap Fundraiser

Laundry Detergent Soap Fundraiser - Distributor Determination.

Royel Corp WET - manufactures top quality cleaning chemicals for every day use, with high quality formulations and the ability to engineer new products for the future markets. We take pride in our formulations and offer 100% manufacture warranty, satisfaction guarantee and our brands are insured for 3 million. Millions of people around the world trust Royel Corp for quality brands.

Our brands service the following industries:

Detergent Fundraising | School Fundraising | Retail Markets | Store Brands | Specialty Chemicals | Private labeling | Custom Blends | New product development and chemical engineering | Chemical Testing | Fundraiser for various programs and groups.

Our top leading national brands: Alondra Detergent | Rhea Detergent | Alondra Pillows | Soffia Fabric Softener - have proven to be a top leading brand use all over the world for house hold use, commercial accounts, government account, hotels, professional cleaning services and more.

All products manufactured and purchase some with a serial batch number to monitor the quality of our brands for years to come. A retainer for each batch is kept for five years to monitor its effectiveness, stabilization, and quality control.

Before you start working with a company to purchase for resale, purchase for use, purchase for private label, purchase for custom blends you choose the right company that can manage all aspects of proper formulation, customer guarantee, capabilities, and ability to warranty and insure products that really work.

Our high concentrated detergents and brands give our customers every leverage they need to be successful. Contact us today for more info.